How to Print MAN Lagos Olympiad Certificate of Participation

See the steps and guide to print a certificate online to attend the Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN) Lagos Olympic Games Chapter 2022 [FREE].

We hereby inform all prospective participants who have taken the MAN Lagos Olympiad exam and checked the results that they can now proceed to print their various participation certificates online for free (free of charge) by following the instructions below:

How to print MAN Lagos Olympic participation certificate

  • Applicants must access the MAN Lagos State Olympiad website at
  • Click the Print Certificate button.
  • Enter your PIN in the field provided. Your PIN is your six-digit number at the Olympic venue
  • e.g. For primary, PS000123; For juniors, JSS000123; For seniors, SSS000123
  • Note: Enter the same PIN you used when registering and verify the results.
  • Finally, click Submit and wait for the Olympic Certificate to appear. You can print/download for your permanent records

Technical support
Please call the service for assistance. Use the save button if you are confused… Processed form does not appear.

Best of luck!