Top 10 Best School Management Software Systems in Nigeria 2022

Top 10 Best School Management Software Systems in Nigeria 2022
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School Management System Software 2022: Running a school or educational institution is no easy feat. Keeping records of hundreds of students or their academic records can be difficult. Read carefully!

School Management Software for 2022

This article aims to introduce you to the 10 best and leading school management software systems in Nigeria, but first let’s take a look at what these school management software are for.

School administration software is a computer program that manages and centralizes school activities and processes. It helps teachers, administrators and staff streamline their daily tasks.

School management system software has several advantages, including facilitating fast tracking and management of records, easy task scheduling, and helping with cost management.

In addition, tracking school resources improves teaching standards, improves student-teacher relationships, provides seamless performance appraisal and analysis, improves parent-school/teacher relationships, and more.

Best School management software systems in Nigeria

Below is a list of the 10 best and leading school management software systems in Nigeria:

1. Bluebic

This school management software has been widely used in various schools over the years. It simplifies and provides a school management solution. The best thing about this software is that students and parents are involved.

Some of the most important features are:

Cloud based functionality

Student and parent files

Event and calendar management

There is a portal for students and parents

Student Portfolio

Online fee management and payments


Progress report

Task Management / Homework

Generate transcript

SMS function

2. Nortify

Nortify is a school management software that offers a convenient solution for parents, teachers and administrators on phones, tablets and computers.

Some of the most important features are:

Cloud based solution

Financial management

Maintain academic records

Student Performance Analyzer

Receipt processing with online registration

Smart cost manager

Automated classwork


This school management system software offers a powerful solution in school management and administration. It encourages the participation of teachers, parents and students. It also promotes transparency, increases efficiency and addresses common school management problems.

Some of the most important features are:

Academic Overview

Financial management

Clinic management

Store Management

Tracking results

Records Management

Review Management

School fee payment

4. Schoolit

It is a school management solution for primary, secondary and higher education institutions. This allows schools with the right tools to simplify processes and ensure effective management.

Some of the most important features are:

Payment of fees electronically

Automatic attendance tracking

Create a custom report

Automate the admissions process

Electronically rotates the current sheet of paper with results

Easily create any review combination

Create lists for teachers, accountants, and administrators.

5. Schoolshell

It is a universal school management software that offers one of the best educational mobile apps for schools. It is used in several schools including primary and secondary schools, school groups, technical colleges, colleges, seminaries and more.

The main characteristics of the software include:

Manage student files and data

Online Fee Payment

Preparation and calculation of student results

Automate administrative processes

Easy student attendance integration with biometric fingerprint scanner

Easy online profile tracking and overall performance, including average student performance

Some of the characteristics of school reinvention are:

Live chat portal for students and teachers

Online Fee Payment

Automate the student registration and admission process

Easy online tracking of student performance

6. Edves

This school administration system software automates the school administration process while addressing specific challenges with data collection, documentation and stress. It facilitates teaching and learning and is fully personalized to meet the specifications and needs of different schools.

These include Basic Edves for primary and secondary schools and Tertiary Edves for higher education institutions.

Some of Edves Basic’s features include:

Interphase of communication between parents, students, teachers, school administration

Make a report

Online tuition payment

Automated teaching and learning

Educational games and videos

Edves Tertiary features include:

Electronic learning portal

Electronic Library

Online Payment Portal

Production of results and transcripts

Automatic accommodation distribution

Track tasks and projects

7. Edalaf

It is one of the leading school management software systems in Nigeria. It offers flexibility and is suitable for all types of schools and education systems.

The software also offers online and offline school management solutions that integrate daily school activities through an interface that includes teachers, students, parents, and school administration.

Some of the most important features are:

Online Library

Free tracking

School asset tracking

Real-time e-learning portal

Manage attendance reports

Gives parents access to reports, results, assignments, attendance, etc.

8. School cube

This is a product of Revocabe Technologies. It is used by several schools in Nigeria. However, it offers solutions for school administration and management. It also provides for parental involvement in updating their community’s performance.

Some of the most important features are:

Provision of secure and reliable cloud storage only to authorized users.

Provide information systems for parents, students and staff.

Offers reports and magazines

It also offers flexibility between multiple devices, operating systems, and platforms.

Provides an integrated schedule generator.

9. Schoolcube

This is a revocube product. It is a school management solution for primary, secondary and higher education institutions. The software aims to automate various exam and assessment operations, parent-teacher relationships and more.

Some of the most important features are:

Yield management

Financial management

Skill Management

Information Management

Online registration

Generate real time reports

10. School Software Pro

This software has an all-in-one feature that is suitable for managing all types of schools. They work with various schools. Schools will enjoy the teaching, learning, testing and school management features provided.

Some of the most important features are:

Student file management

Task Management / Homework

Online exams

Generate exam reports, reports for courses/classes, etc.

Salary management.

Message Management

Distribution of hostels

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