Tips and Advice for Passing JAMB 2022 [Pass JAMB without Stress]

Tips and Advice for Passing JAMB 2022 [Pass JAMB without Stress]

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME Preparation, Study tips, [Required Documents, Exam Duration and Steps to Answer Multiple Questions]

The following tips will be useful you as you start your exams on May 6-16, 2022:

A. Tips for Preparing for JAMB UTME – 2022 Mandatory Documents

Gather any test materials you are required to have or need to present at the CBT center. You need an electronic registration slip. Make a photocopy of this document and keep it in a safe place. Please take a final printout showing your actual exam location, time and number. Do this before exam day. Get all the stationery you need. This can be a pencil or pen.

Please do your best to include the JAMB e-Slip and other documents required for exam at the test center.

Do not bring documents or items you are not required to present in the center. This is done to prevent the loss of the document or item.

Arrive early at the examination center for biometric practice/accreditation. It is advisable to find your exam center before the exam day to avoid delays.

B. JAMB Utme Steps To Answering Multiple Questions 2022

Follow the instructions.

Before asking a question, be sure to read and understand all exam instructions.

Be sure to read to the end; make no assumptions. Keep in mind that when you click Start Exam, your time will start counting down.

You must check the subjects displayed and confirm they are your choices.

You should read the instructions carefully before asking a question.

Read the questions carefully.

Due to time constraints, most of the candidates rush to work on the questions without reading and understanding them properly. This may cause you to choose the wrong answer.

Be sure to read and think carefully about each question before choosing an answer. This is because there are cases where some of the questions are similar to the previous questions you have studied or other cases where the two options in question are the same.

Avoid assumptions.

If you’re not familiar with the use of mouse, use the keyboard to select your answer (A, B, C, or D) and the arrow keys to move around instead.

Click inside (not outside) the circle/small button behind the letter (A, B, C, or D) of your answer of choice.

Choose only one answer. Multiple choice questions only require one answer. Make sure you only choose one answer.

Answer the easy questions first and skip the more difficult questions for later.

Only select -all of the above “if you are sure that all of the above options are correct.

Select “None of the options above” only if you are sure that all the other options listed above are incorrect.

Check your answers. If you have time left after answering all the questions, it’s a good idea to double-check your answers to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes.

It is important to avoid being overconfident; Be careful with this. Change the selected answer if you believe you made a mistake. Make sure you have done everything required before clicking the Submit button and completing the exam.

C. JAMB Utme Exam Duration & Time Management

Time management is key to taking the exam. Your output at the end of the day depends to some extent on your ability to manage your time properly.

Here are some tips to help you in managing and maintain you time in JAMB UTME 2022

Sign in with your registration number as soon as possible: We recommend confirming the registration number after entering it to ensure that it is correct.
Please note that the registration number consists of 8 digits and 2 letters of the alphabet.

Know the time spent on the exam: Remember to know how much time you have for the entire exam. Divide the time in minutes by the number of questions you must answer. What you get is the average time it takes you to answer each question.

Knowing how much time you have is one thing, but the most important thing is being aware of the time. We recommend that you take a practice test to test how you will manage your time during the exam.

For example, if the UTME JAMB duration is 2 hours where you have to answer 180 multiple choice questions, to take your time for each question, divide 120 minutes (i.e. 2 hours) by 180. This gives 40 seconds. Therefore, you should allow approximately 40 seconds (less than a minute) for each question.

Answer simple questions first: As you read the questions. Don’t spend more time than necessary on a seemingly challenging problem. It’s best to skip such questions and answer the easy ones first. This gives you extra time to get back to the more difficult ones. Spending time on “seemingly difficult questions” will only keep you from completing them on time.

Get extra writing material: Don’t get stuck in the exam hall. Unexpected situations are unavoidable. Be sure to take the exam with at least 2 sharp pencils in the case of a manual exam.

A power outage or system failure will not result in the loss of the selected response: it will not affect the work performed and the time allotted. So don’t panic if there is a pause. You will be instructed by the exam staff on what to do.

We wish you best of luck with your examination!